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Businesses in Fredericksburg

Magnolia Pearl: Found Experience

Phil Houseal

Aug 1, 2018–There I was, immersed in what I call a “found experience.” Hovering in breezy shade, buoyed by fellow music travelers. Ten feet away, Max Baca of Los Texmaniacs plucked his bajo sexto. Accordion legend Flaco Jimenez added lilting | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Diamondback

Sally Clark

  The pickup truck lurched as he stepped on the brakes, even at our dirt-road speed, and said, stay here in the cab and armed with a shotgun he grabbed from the back, approached the reptile stretched across the road, | → Keep reading

Hye Cider

Phil Houseal

July 25, 2018–Back in high school, Cherry Graham and her friend Brian Came couldn’t buy alcohol, so they started making it. “Basically, we’re nerds,” said Cherry, who is now one of the “Home Team” of owners of Hye Cider Company, | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: RFD

Sally Clark

  Small town familiarity breeds relaxed contentment and feelings of safety in the joy of being known. Trust is strengthened in shared living and history is written on generational tombstones.     Author’s Notes: In February, 2004, “RFD” appeared in | → Keep reading

A-V 101

Phil Houseal

July 11, 2018–How much of your current knowledge can be traced back to a filmstrip you saw in 5th grade? Anyone old enough to remember watching Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color on Sunday evenings will remember filmstrip Fridays–or “naptime”–in | → Keep reading

Suzy Bogguss: Making every song her own

Phil Houseal

July 4, 2018–The first thing you notice when listening to Suzy Bogguss do a song like Night Rider’s Lament is the bluesy tinge to her strong clear voice. Now I grew up in a small town in the Midwest just | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Highlighter

Sally Clark

  Racing around the bases of each page, a bright yellow streak cheers each word it underlines, exciting every letter that is part of the team – Look at me! I’m a home run thought to remember!     Author’s | → Keep reading

License to carry

Phil Houseal

June 27, 2018–I’m going to write about guns. More specifically, the training to get a license to carry a gun. This is not advocacy. If you have strong feelings about this issue, on either side, you might want to skip | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Berry Blue Haiku

Sally Clark

  red strawberries dangle from their stems pick three   six black seeds red fruit, green rind watermelon grins   yellow sunflowers filled with black seeds too many to count     Author’s Notes: I wrote these three children’s haiku | → Keep reading

Hit and a myth

Phil Houseal

June 20, 2018–I have a confession: I never absorbed mythology. Lord, I tried. I really did. I read about the travels of Ulysses, and the Minotaur in the labyrinth. And as a curious kid, I started to learn about the | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Remember Me

Sally Clark

  Daddy’s handkerchiefs lined his pockets with white embroidered linen, eggplant plaid and bird-shell blue; dime store packages of three in shades of blue or gray or tan; gifts from me, at Father’s Day, Christmas and birthdays. Faithfully prepared, he | → Keep reading

Come into the cold

crypto fredericksburg
Phil Houseal

In the midst of hellish Texas heat, doesn’t 150 degrees below zero sound divine? You can literally immerse yourself in that thrilling chill at CRYOTHRIVE at root•ology. “We want people to have a great experience,” said Cynthia Kemp, owner of | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Earth

Sally Clark

  This ordinary dirt, this common soil, this average accumulation of humus, loam, and dust. From such humble beginnings life was formed; from such familiar mud, life is sustained. All that we are and all that we need lies in | → Keep reading

Off The Grid

banjo fredericksburg
Phil Houseal

For a bunch of guys who call themselves “Off The Grid” they sure seem to be “on the stage” a lot. They don’t even know how many gigs they have every year. “We’re somewhere every weekend,” said “Otto,” the accordion | → Keep reading

Pat Green: Making Waves

Pat Green Fredericksburg
Phil Houseal

Twenty-five years after starting out as a “weekend warrior,” Pat Green is a weekend warrior again. Only now it pays much better. “I’m the luckiest fool that ever walked on two legs,” said the Texas singer/songwriter during an interview about | → Keep reading

Being Ann

libby villari ann richards
Phil Houseal

No matter which political primary you prefer, you can’t deny Ann Richards brought a true Texas persona to the Governor’s office. That is what actress Libby Villari portrays in the nationally-touring one-woman show ANN, by Holland Taylor, presented at Ingram’s | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry – Room 232

Sally Clark

  There are pretty rooms in this hospital, rooms with wallpaper borders and fabric valances over windows framing a sweeping view of the surrounding hills and heaven-bound steeples; rooms with custom built closets and shelves and mirrors to see yourself | → Keep reading

Luckenbach: A door to the 70s

Luckenbach door
Phil Houseal

It is iconic. Especially for a door. Come back with me to 1973. A relative newcomer to the music scene named Jerry Jeff Walker decided to record a live album at a little town in Texas called Luckenbach. That record | → Keep reading

Pet-shelter help for families fleeing domestic violence

domestic abuse pet help
Alice White, Ph.D.

In the backyard of the Kerrville, TX, domestic-violence survivors’ shelter, we have a small enclosure for survivors that bring dogs.  When I say enclosure, I mean 4 chain link panels with a gate, probably 7′ x 7′, no covering for | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Baggage

Sally Clark

  Stopping to rest along the way, I pause to look again at the large sack of stones I drag behind me, like a tail, and use for balance; prayers too frightening to pray, petrified by layers of fear of | → Keep reading

Being Asked

being asked
Phil Houseal

Not again. Once more, someone was on the phone asking me if I would be in a production. Readers of this column know I am a reluctant thespian. I was not born with the “let’s turn the barn into a | → Keep reading

No-Kill Community: Fredericksburg Visioning Report

cute dog no kill community fredericksburg 2
Alice White, Ph.D.

excerpts [Vision Statement + “No-Kill Community” statements] from May 16, 2018 Community Visioning / Government Committee report: GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE VISION STATEMENT Make Fredericksburg an oasis of celebration, innovation and excellence. No-Kill Community for Animals Vision: Make the City of Fredericksburg | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Fruits of the Spirit – Faithful Bananas

banana sally clark
Sally Clark

    No guile in the banana, what you see is what you eat, raw-green or over-ripe brown, these yellowing sickle-shaped truth-tellers grow in encouraging bunches atop waving stalks of faithfulness.     Author’s Notes: This poem appears on my | → Keep reading

Kathy Mattea: Finding her voice

Kathy mattea Fredericksburg
Phil Houseal

I was surprised when Kathy Mattea told me that to find her voice, she had to stop being “Kathy Mattea.” What did that mean? “It’s what I tell my students: do people feel something when you sing this song? Can | → Keep reading

Greetings from MedAir

medair Rotary Fredericksburg
Alice White, Ph.D.

Greetings from MedAir’s two Fredericksburg (TX) Morning Rotary visitors “Daniel” & “Esteban” … last fall!  As you may recall, MedAir = 9-1-1 response team for the world – in collaboration with the United Nations (Rotary International is the only non-governmental organization | → Keep reading

Mindy’s Music

mindys music fredricksburg
Phil Houseal

Over the years, most Hill Country music stores have gone the way of the Theremin. The reasons have varied, not least of which is the competition from the Internet. But musicians prefer to pluck and pick, not hunt and click. | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Flowers After a Wildfire

Sally Clark

  There, look, see – in the place where the wind blew the brush fire through, the summer pasture burned every blade of quiet grass, cremated every ground-hugging insect, chased every feral rabbit toward the safety of the wet creek; | → Keep reading

Pursuit of Perfection

pefection grapes phil houseal
Phil Houseal

I was backstage at a recent show speaking with the child of a national recognized performer. You would know who this is, but since I wasn’t conducting an official interview I won’t reveal names. “At age 24, my dad had | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Spring Trees

Sally Clark

  How many shades of green, from dusty juniper to silvered birch to forest elm, from boxwood brights to watery moss to jolly daffodils, in four seasons and in between watch us with their easy eyes, their restful, sighing branches | → Keep reading

Kairos: Away from the crowd

Phil Houseal

Wouldn’t it be fun to find a place away from the crowded downtown, where you can share a four-course fixed-menu meal with interesting companions, while listening to live acoustic music? Those are the reasons Joe and Sharon Grimes started their | → Keep reading

Keep focused on gratitude

Alice White, Ph.D.

To help you keep focused on “gratitude” & other uplifting thoughts … consider these ideas from “Maximize your Potential through the Power of  your Subconscious Mind to create Wealth & Success” by Dr. Joseph Murphy. Count your blessings & think | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: The Bride

bride poem
Sally Clark

  Trusting your words, I follow; Trusting your eyes, I reveal; Trusting your hands, I yield; Trusting your heart, I rest.     Author’s Notes: Sometimes a few words are all that are needed to convey large emotions. “The Bride” | → Keep reading

The New Old Altdorf Restaurant

Phil Houseal

Whenever family from north of Willow Creek came to town looking for an authentic Fredericksburg Main Street experience, I took them to the Altdorf Restaurant. Nothing said “gemutlichkeit” like the outdoor biergarten, shaded barrel tables, smiling staff, and comfortable ambience. | → Keep reading

some life-nourishing thoughts — for your consideration — from “Maximize your Potential through the Power of your Subconsious Mind to create Wealth & Success” by Dr. Joseph Murphy

Alice White, Ph.D.

Do the following thoughts align with your train of thought?  If so, then here, below, is validation for your thought habits.  If not, what thoughts are you cultivating?  — to create your ideal Life. p. 9:  … “God is my | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: New Tricks

Sally Clark

  “Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the Lord with all his might,” 2 Samuel 6:14 KJV The old dog’s once clear eyes, now filled with his clouded destiny; his aged body quickening toward the familiar voice he | → Keep reading

Listen: Van Der Stucken’s music comes home, to Fredericksburg

Fagner Rocha Van der stucken
Phil Houseal

Born here, just down Main Street from the birthplace of Admiral Nimitz: Composer Frank Van Der Stucken During the mid-1800s, the Texas Hill Country produced talented men and women, particularly in the fields of ranching, industry, cattle, and the military. Yet | → Keep reading

Are you “swimming” in well-being & “belonging?”

Alice White, Ph.D.

Grabbing, urgency, anxiety, busy, not enough time, working hard to get are the very processes keeping you from the support and wisdom that are HERE and ready to guide you. When any of those attempt to grab attention, re-direct attention | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry – A View of Concrete Ribbons

Sally Clark

  I remember when I was young and driving thirty miles in sixty minutes of rush hour traffic twice a day so I could work for eight hours two cities away from my children in a high-rise office that afforded | → Keep reading

Guy Forsyth: Putting the Show in Showbiz

Phil Houseal

Guy Forsyth gave an unexpected response when asked what inspired his on-stage performance style. “Vaudeville,” he replied during our phone conversation. “If you look back, a lot of our favorite musicians were folks hitting their stride in the 1930s and | → Keep reading

Do you cultivate a spirit of joy within yourself?

Alice White, Ph.D.

I am most grateful for the Grace that has given me a consciousness of gratitude & spirit of joy. As Pema Chodron says, “Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite. It actually takes guts. Each time we drop our | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Fruits of the Spirit – Kindness

strawberries kindness poetry sally clark fredericksburg tx
Sally Clark

  A friendly kiss of kindness, strawberries bear their seeds on the outside, hearts on their sleeves, tip their little green caps to passersby, stems reaching out to form compassionate handles of sympathetic sharing.     Author’s Notes: Strawberry season | → Keep reading

How to develop empathy for others: respectful, no-interruptions listening

empathy alice white fredericksburg tx
Alice White, Ph.D.

  Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.   Theodore Roosevelt Empathy is a respectful understanding of what others are feeling.   Marshall B. Rosenberg Attention is the rarest and purist form of generosity.   Simone Weil | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Best Friends

Sally Clark

  I don’t know what I was looking for when I walked into your shop that day, a card, I think, and certainly not a friend, but there you were when your phone rang, your daughter calling to cry her | → Keep reading

The Simple Life: A Simple Lie

wringwasher phil houseal fredericksburg tx
Phil Houseal

I overheard some older folks talking fondly of “simpler times.” Balderdash. There were no simpler times. Never in history has life been so simple. Examples: Cars What was simple about tuning your car? You had to change the points and | → Keep reading

John Willome: Credit Where Credit is Due

chamber woman of the year fredericksburg tx

I received a call a few weeks ago from Penny McBride, the president of Fredericksburg’s Chamber of Commerce. She told me that they had chosen The Good Samaritan Center’s Community Health Worker, Audelia “Delia” De La Cruz, as the Chamber’s | → Keep reading

Use humor — to build business-product awareness

Alice White, Ph.D.

 SIGN IN A SHOE REPAIR STORE IN VANCOUVER READs:  We will heel you    We will save your sole     will even dye for you. A SIGN ON A BLINDS AND CURTAIN TRUCK:   Blind man driving. Sign over a Gynecologist’s Office:  “Dr. Jones, at | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry : haiku in February

Sally Clark

  in February the pear tree’s hesitant buds     Author’s Notes: In the Texas Hill Country, our winters are normally mild. February is a month of hesitancy. It’s not yet spring, but winter is winding down. Pear trees reach | → Keep reading

Liverpool Legends: Feel 16 Again

beatles phil houseal fredericksburg tx2
Phil Houseal

In 2001, Marty Scott was playing with a Beatles tribute band at a Chicago festival. A week later, he was sitting on a couch next to Paul McCartney. How’s that for fantasy? “Pretty scary” was how the ersatz “George Harrison” | → Keep reading

“No Kill 101” for Animal Shelters: ask Alice.White@TTU.edu for an e-copy

Alice White, Ph.D.

“No Kill 101” for Animal Shelters:  ask Alice.White@TTU.edu for an e-copy — to find out how to support your local shelter director to achieve at least a 90% live-release rate for impounded animals.

Sick of Politics?! Try decency.

Alice White, Ph.D.

Theodore Roosevelt:  “The most practical kind of politics is the politics of decency.”  — such as applying The Iron Rule:  “Do unto others what they would have you do unto them.” Here is an everyday example from PeaceQuotes at LivingCompassion.org:  Genuine listening | → Keep reading

Fredericksburg Christian radio show reaches global audience

Phil Houseal

Last Sunday morning, I was poking around online, seeking inspiration. I clicked on a link and found myself looking inside a radio studio listening to Amazing Grace. I had stumbled on to Sunday Mornings with Doug Burns on 107.9 FM | → Keep reading

Sally Clark: Waiting Out the Rain

Sally Clark

  Sitting on the porch, watching the quiet morning rain fall in silken folds, they relax together like affectionate lovers, eyes half closed, anticipating the next nap in the graying drizzle, tails curling in and out in snaky hugs. Leaning | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: ‘Music is Math’

Phil Houseal

When his clients ask why Tim Porter, CPA, spends so much time playing guitar in addition to working on their taxes, he has an answer: “Music is math,” he said. “I find it’s all related.” Be assured the Hill Country | → Keep reading

‘To Create Wealth & Success: Your reality via your convictions

Alice White, Ph.D.

Dr. Joseph Murphy offers counsel which I believe and enthusiastically share with others. In To Create Wealth & Success, he explains, money is a clear result of the Creative Power & Presence within us:  which moment by moment responds to | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Spring Lovers

frog poetry sally clark fredericksburg tx
Sally Clark

  Can you hear me, my large-eyed lover, and the song that I sing in the spring, see my love-bulging eyes, hear my swollen-throat song from my long-leaping lungs and my silly-lipped grins as I stutter amour in chatters and | → Keep reading

John Willome: Teaching Charity to the Next Generation

I had the opportunity to speak at Ambleside School’s Wednesday morning chapel time this week. It’s a tough crowd. Not because the students are unruly. Far from it. Every student is polite, listens attentively, and then each one comes up | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: No, scare me, again.

Phil Houseal

You should do something every day that scares you. I read that somewhere. It was one of those sayings that niggles as you go about your daily habits. Like a religious aunt looking over her glasses at you. The thought | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: buffalo haiku

Sally Clark

  buffalos at rest in a sea of sandy wheat boulders in the waves     Author’s Notes: Once a month, I used to drive to Johnson City for the writers group they have there that meets at the public | → Keep reading

Experience: Gillespie County Country Schools mobile app

Gillespie country schools Fredericksburg Texas teacher school children
Alice White, Ph.D.

Gillespie County Country Schools are an integral part of the Fredericksburg, Texas story, and while tours of the old schools have long been offered, a new mobile app makes the experience better than ever. A fascinating look at the country | → Keep reading

Rob Mahoney has a Magic Piano in Fredericksburg

Phil Houseal

A Keyboard Piano Here’s some advice for beginning musicians: Choose an instrument that is small and easy to carry. I made the mistake of playing boat anchors. First it was drums. “You can’t serenade your girlfriend in the backseat with | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan

Sally Clark

    He filled the screen, all with torso and muscles, his dark eyes held me, though still a child, in their deep gaze, in a lush garden of black and white and gray, where every creature obeyed his command | → Keep reading

Mike Starks: Real Estate Sales set record in Fredericksburg!

Mike Starks

Total volume of sales at all time high for Gillespie County Real Estate Sales set record in Fredericksburg TX for 2017 .  The total dollars sold in Gillespie county in 2017 ended at $259,417,864. That was a 16.5% increase over | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Your Morning Mug Delight

Phil Houseal

Here’s a riddle: What is something we greet every morning by pressing our lips to it and cradling it to warm our hands, yet we literally overlook it? The answer: Your coffee mug. A random kudo from a reader who | → Keep reading

John Willome: Multi-Generational Poverty and a “Fast Car”

 I was out on a bike ride one night a few years ago and one of the songs that came on my play list was Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” You may have heard it, but have you ever really listened | → Keep reading

Dr. Alice White: This generation’s ‘I have a dream!’ speech

Alice White, Ph.D.

Oprah’s 2018 Golden Globes’ acceptance speech: this generation’s version of “I Have a Dream” speech Watch:  Oprah Winfrey’s rousing acceptance speech about social values for her Lifetime Achievement Award. Oprah’s inspiring, wise remarks remind me to continuously aspire to my own | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: The Widow’s Mite

Sally Clark

  “But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents.” Mark 12:42  NIV Sandwiched in between a warning to beware the teachers of the law and signs of the end of | → Keep reading

Dublin Harpers: How a family band came to be

dubin harpers phil houseal fredericksburg tx
Phil Houseal

When I first started a family, I nurtured gauzy visions of sitting on the back porch, strumming guitar with my talented wife singing at my side and my precocious children playing along at my feet — a family band. Alas, | → Keep reading

New Year milestones come and go. More of this helps, if you conjure it:

Phil Houseal

Ah, the new year is here and that means it’s time to endure the cascade of “resolutions” that last as long as a bunch of organic bananas. I have one resolution, and it’s the only one you’ll ever need: be | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: ‘Once in a blue moon, there’s a fright from the north’

Sally Clark

Hill Country Winters Autumn leaves lie in dusty brown piles against picket fences in the middle of January. Pecan tree branches crackle with fat squirrels who never even bothered hoarding summer’s bounty. Once in a blue moon, there’s a fright | → Keep reading

John Willome: Will the new tax law affect charitable generosity?

tax law reform good samaritan charitable giving fredericksburg

Congress just passed the new tax reform bill, and I’ve had several people, including my own board members at The Good Samaritan Center, ask me how the new standard deduction level will impact the generosity of our donors. My answer is always, | → Keep reading

Dr. Alice White: A recommendation on how to change your perspective

Alice White, Ph.D.

Inspiring thoughts (below) from Joseph Murphy’s “The Cosmic Energizer: Miracle Power of the Universe”  … take what you like & leave the rest. Your inner speech can manifest all you want Wonder-working power within yourself … instantly available to you Avalanches | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: The things I learned about being Grinch

grinch phil houseal fredericksburg tx
Phil Houseal

How come the Grinch gets all the hot Whos? That was my takeaway after a challenging week performing as Dr. Seuss’s beloved nemesis in Regan Mann’s tap dance production at Fredericksburg Theater Company. First, let me establish that this role | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Los Compadres (the companions)

Sally Clark

After customers are all gone home, after floors are mopped and silver rolled and all the tips cashed in, after a brutal day of cooking and serving and complaining, we all go out to eat, caravanning into the midnight stars, | → Keep reading

Zing when others Zang — Winter house sellers prep for hot deals

Nicole Bartel

Like others, you may be planning on waiting until spring to sell your property? You may want to reconsider. Although sales volume is normally higher in warmer months, there are advantages to selling during the winter. Inventory is lower, and | → Keep reading

4 kittens / cats in FBG, TX, seek loving furever homes

kitten adoption spayed animal shelter alice white fredericksburg
Alice White, Ph.D.

Hello, cat lover! Please post onto your Facebook, etc.; e-share &/or print-&-distribute to your veterinarians, animal-food-supply stores, etc.:  four adoptable “Whetstone” cats / kittens from FBG Cinema / FBG Funeral Home territory:  playful little Boots & three potential “crew cats | → Keep reading

Take a Peak: Wild West Victorian Fest

Phil Houseal

I came face to face with steampunk for the first time in 2010. Literally. It happened during my tenure as director of Club Ed community education program. As a marketing hook, I would adopt various personas to make my catalogs | → Keep reading

John Willome: Why do charities ring so MUCH in December?!?

end of year giving christmas

Do you ever get tired of incessant bells in parking lots and fundraising letters this time of year? I’m sure you do. I do too. But you know why it happens, right? Because, for whatever reason, this is the time | → Keep reading

Outdoor shower runs counter to everything you think, and it’s Awesome

outdoor shower phil houseal fredericksburg texas
Phil Houseal

Have you ever taken an outdoor shower? Not been in a rain shower. But taken an actual shower. Why not? There is no personal pampering experience more sublime than standing bare under God’s firmament, relishing the cool freshets of pure | → Keep reading

Nicole Bartel: 5 Tips to Sell Your House During the Winter

house sales fredericksburg texas real estate nicole bartel
Nicole Bartel

Selling your home during the winter months can be a daunting task. The holiday season is already a hectic time of year and selling a house can be stressful. However, there are distinct advantages to selling your home at this | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: Christmas All Year Long

Christmas sally clark fredericksburg
Sally Clark

I will remember Christmas in my heart the whole year long and try to stay one step ahead as the year proceeds along. Before the New Year’s baby crawls, busy crowds I will prevail to purchase next year’s Christmas cards | → Keep reading

Michael Martin Murphey to turn ‘Wildfire’ into a Movie

Phil Houseal

For Michael Martin Murphey, changing up his Cowboy Christmas Show would be “like coming to town and not singing Wildfire.” “The audience would kill us if we changed it,” said the American music legend during an interview about his Dec | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: My Santa Claus

sally clark husband santa claus fredericksburg texas
Sally Clark

My husband is my Santa Claus; he decorates our house and lawn with lights and garland and tinsel bright; an exuberant celebration to herald the birth of Generosity and Grace. My husband is my Santa Claus; he loves to give, | → Keep reading

Own hunting land to lease? The law requires something of you.

Nicole Bartel

Own hunting land? Landowners who lease their private property for hunting in return for any type of compensation are required to obtain a hunting lease license from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). There are three types of licenses available: Hunting lease | → Keep reading

Dr. Alice White: Is dyslexia a burden or blessing?

Alice White, Ph.D.

  “You wouldn’t wish dyslexia on a child of yours, or would you?” -Malcolm Gladwell, David and Goliath Reading difficulties? — with your children, grandchildren, students, co-workers or you?! Attend a Dyslexia Conference in Kerrville, TX (south-central TX): Sat., Feb. | → Keep reading

Go alone to healthcare.gov, and you may not see a local doctor

john willhome health insurance local provider

I’ve had a lot of people in my office over the last few years who enrolled in the health insurance programs offered through Healthcare.gov. They did it on their own by logging on, finding the plan they wanted, and signing | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Nutcracker with a touch of Grinch

tap dancing fredericksburg phil houseal texas
Phil Houseal

Tis the season of nutcrackers, ballerinas, and dancing sugarplums, whatever those are. So of course Regan Mann of Fredericksburg Dance Company wanted to toss a little grinchiness into this sometimes syrupy season. Sure, her dancers will offer a Nutcracker Ballet. | → Keep reading

“Buyer Motivation!” (Reason to House Sell During the Holidays)

real estate holidays hill country fredericksburg tx
Nicole Bartel

The holidays have arrived and so has the time of year when home sellers wonder whether they should keep their properties on the market or take them off. If owners haven’t listed their home yet, they may be asking themselves | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Where’s My Hug?

where's my hug sally clark fredericksburg texas
Sally Clark

Where could the hug be? Join the hunt in this playful lift-the-flap book. Bright illustrations and simple text will keep children engaged in the search. The sweet conclusion will delight little ones and inspire hugs! Watch Video: Author Sally Clark | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Why the thrills matter more with age

geroge w bush phil houseal fredericksburg tx thumb
Phil Houseal

Engagement with age: As the holidays bring their predictable menus of comfort food, dispensed in your family tradition, I started thinking about how as we grow older we tend to seek out stronger flavors. The pungency of goat cheese and | → Keep reading

Nicole Bartel: Why First-time Home Buyers are sidelined

first home home buyers nicole bartel fredericksburg hill country
Nicole Bartel

The National Association of Realtors’ 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers shows despite strong interest in owning a home, a continued drought in housing supply has led to price growth over the past year — keeping many first-time home buyers | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: Fruits of the Spirit – Apple Goodness

apples sally clark fredericksburg
Sally Clark

    Apples require some cold weather, some fortitude to scale their branches, sink strong teeth into these honest fruits of integrity, savoring the reward that determined goodness brings.               Author’s Notes: This poem | → Keep reading

‘I feel lost, depressed. Lord, help me.’

crisis good samaritan fredericksburg john willome

The seven words in the title of this post were all that was left on an anonymously-written prayer request at the Good Samaritan Center in early November. We are a Christian faith-based charitable medical/dental/mental health counseling clinic for those who | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Bystander at the Birth of eSports

walter day fredericksburg tx
Phil Houseal

I was at Ground Zero for the birth of eSports, and didn’t realize it. The year was 1982. The location was Ottumwa, Iowa. More specifically, it was inside a storefront video game arcade called Twin Galaxies. After a challenging day | → Keep reading

Dr. Alice White: “Yes!” to Life!

alice white fredericksburg tx featured
Alice White, Ph.D.

From “The Universe Talks” & TheUniverse@TUT.com: ‘Have you ever met a blade of grass that didn’t emphatically say, “Yes!” to even the soles of your feet? It’s the same with all the other elements. You just have to show up.‘ –The | → Keep reading

What are your Website clicks for GOOD?

Alice White, Ph.D.

What are your Website clicks for GOOD? Please let me know: Alice.White@TTU.edu Here are my favorite, daily clicks:” www. www. www.FreeRice.com

Nicole Bartel: 4 House Seeking Tips When Entertainment is Key

entertainment realtor tx nicole bartel central hill country board
Nicole Bartel

Do you dream of hosting the perfect family Thanksgiving celebration? Is it your fantasy to throw a New Year’s party that all of your friends remember? If you are currently house hunting, your entertainment thoughts are things you should let | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: Unattended

unattended sally clark fredericksburg tx poetry
Sally Clark

Fredericksburg Poetry of Sally Clark Unattended   I love to write at dusk, that time of the day when the shift is changing, the sun is clocking out and the moon is running late and for just a little while | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Radney Foster shares secret to his work

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Phil Houseal

Radney Foster: “I like being a storyteller.” Honestly, I didn’t know much about singer/songwriter Radney Foster before interviewing him. But when those were the first words out of his mouth, I knew I was meeting a kindred spirit. Foster–who will | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: Summer Fruit

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Sally Clark

Fredericksburg Poetry of Sally Clark Summer Fruit We pick blackberries, dark and sweet, from between the spiny branches of a saw-leafed bush, his hand and mine stained and dripping, bending together in the summer sun; baskets on our arms, we | → Keep reading

Nicole Bartel: Pass proposition 2, get a small loan, make the dream real

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Nicole Bartel

Texas does things a little different than most states, especially when it comes to private-property rights. For example, we have strict consumer protections related to home equity lending which are so important to Texans that voters added them to the | → Keep reading