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Alice White, Ph.D.

Theodore Roosevelt:  The most practical kind of politics is the politics of decency.

Fredericksburg Christian radio show reaches global audience

Phil Houseal

Last Sunday morning, I was poking around online, seeking inspiration. I clicked on a link and found myself looking inside a radio studio listening to Amazing Grace. I had stumbled on to Sunday Mornings with Doug Burns on 107.9 FM | → Keep reading

Sally Clark: Waiting Out the Rain

Sally Clark

  Sitting on the porch, watching the quiet morning rain fall in silken folds, they relax together like affectionate lovers, eyes half closed, anticipating the next nap in the graying drizzle, tails curling in and out in snaky hugs. Leaning | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: ‘Music is Math’

Phil Houseal

When his clients ask why Tim Porter, CPA, spends so much time playing guitar in addition to working on their taxes, he has an answer: “Music is math,” he said. “I find it’s all related.” Be assured the Hill Country | → Keep reading

‘To Create Wealth & Success’: Your reality via your convictions

Alice White, Ph.D.

Dr. Joseph Murphy offers counsel which I believe and enthusiastically share with others. In To Create Wealth & Success, he explains, money is a clear result of the Creative Power & Presence within us:  which moment by moment responds to | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Spring Lovers

Sally Clark

  Can you hear me, my large-eyed lover, and the song that I sing in the spring, see my love-bulging eyes, hear my swollen-throat song from my long-leaping lungs and my silly-lipped grins as I stutter amour in chatters and | → Keep reading

John Willome: Teaching Charity to the Next Generation

I had the opportunity to speak at Ambleside School’s Wednesday morning chapel time this week. It’s a tough crowd. Not because the students are unruly. Far from it. Every student is polite, listens attentively, and then each one comes up | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: No, scare me, again.

Phil Houseal

You should do something every day that scares you. I read that somewhere. It was one of those sayings that niggles as you go about your daily habits. Like a religious aunt looking over her glasses at you. The thought | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: buffalo haiku

Sally Clark

  buffalos at rest in a sea of sandy wheat boulders in the waves     Author’s Notes: Once a month, I used to drive to Johnson City for the writers group they have there that meets at the public | → Keep reading

Experience: Gillespie County Country Schools mobile app

Gillespie country schools Fredericksburg Texas teacher school children
Alice White, Ph.D.

Gillespie County Country Schools are an integral part of the Fredericksburg, Texas story, and while tours of the old schools have long been offered, a new mobile app makes the experience better than ever. A fascinating look at the country | → Keep reading

Rob Mahoney has a Magic Piano in Fredericksburg

Phil Houseal

A Keyboard Piano Here’s some advice for beginning musicians: Choose an instrument that is small and easy to carry. I made the mistake of playing boat anchors. First it was drums. “You can’t serenade your girlfriend in the backseat with | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan

Sally Clark

    He filled the screen, all with torso and muscles, his dark eyes held me, though still a child, in their deep gaze, in a lush garden of black and white and gray, where every creature obeyed his command | → Keep reading

Mike Starks: Real Estate Sales set record in Fredericksburg!

Mike Starks

Total volume of sales at all time high for Gillespie County Real Estate Sales set record in Fredericksburg TX for 2017 .  The total dollars sold in Gillespie county in 2017 ended at $259,417,864. That was a 16.5% increase over | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Your Morning Mug Delight

Phil Houseal

Here’s a riddle: What is something we greet every morning by pressing our lips to it and cradling it to warm our hands, yet we literally overlook it? The answer: Your coffee mug. A random kudo from a reader who | → Keep reading

John Willome: Multi-Generational Poverty and a “Fast Car”

 I was out on a bike ride one night a few years ago and one of the songs that came on my play list was Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” You may have heard it, but have you ever really listened | → Keep reading

Dr. Alice White: This generation’s ‘I have a dream!’ speech

Alice White, Ph.D.

Oprah’s 2018 Golden Globes’ acceptance speech: this generation’s version of “I Have a Dream” speech Watch:  Oprah Winfrey’s rousing acceptance speech about social values for her Lifetime Achievement Award. Oprah’s inspiring, wise remarks remind me to continuously aspire to my own | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: The Widow’s Mite

Sally Clark

  “But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents.” Mark 12:42  NIV Sandwiched in between a warning to beware the teachers of the law and signs of the end of | → Keep reading

Dublin Harpers: How a family band came to be

family band dublin harpers fredericksburg tx wild west victorian fest
Phil Houseal

When I first started a family, I nurtured gauzy visions of sitting on the back porch, strumming guitar with my talented wife singing at my side and my precocious children playing along at my feet — a family band. Alas, | → Keep reading

New Year milestones come and go. More of this helps, if you conjure it:

Phil Houseal

Ah, the new year is here and that means it’s time to endure the cascade of “resolutions” that last as long as a bunch of organic bananas. I have one resolution, and it’s the only one you’ll ever need: be | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: ‘Once in a blue moon, there’s a fright from the north’

Sally Clark

Hill Country Winters Autumn leaves lie in dusty brown piles against picket fences in the middle of January. Pecan tree branches crackle with fat squirrels who never even bothered hoarding summer’s bounty. Once in a blue moon, there’s a fright | → Keep reading

John Willome: Will the new tax law affect charitable generosity?

tax law reform good samaritan charitable giving fredericksburg

Congress just passed the new tax reform bill, and I’ve had several people, including my own board members at The Good Samaritan Center, ask me how the new standard deduction level will impact the generosity of our donors. My answer is always, | → Keep reading

Dr. Alice White: A recommendation on how to change your perspective

Alice White, Ph.D.

Inspiring thoughts (below) from Joseph Murphy’s “The Cosmic Energizer: Miracle Power of the Universe”  … take what you like & leave the rest. Your inner speech can manifest all you want Wonder-working power within yourself … instantly available to you Avalanches | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: The things I learned about being Grinch

grinch phil houseal fredericksburg tx
Phil Houseal

How come the Grinch gets all the hot Whos? That was my takeaway after a challenging week performing as Dr. Seuss’s beloved nemesis in Regan Mann’s tap dance production at Fredericksburg Theater Company. First, let me establish that this role | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Los Compadres (the companions)

Sally Clark

After customers are all gone home, after floors are mopped and silver rolled and all the tips cashed in, after a brutal day of cooking and serving and complaining, we all go out to eat, caravanning into the midnight stars, | → Keep reading

Zing when others Zang — Winter house sellers prep for hot deals

Nicole Bartel

Like others, you may be planning on waiting until spring to sell your property? You may want to reconsider. Although sales volume is normally higher in warmer months, there are advantages to selling during the winter. Inventory is lower, and | → Keep reading

4 kittens / cats in FBG, TX, seek loving furever homes: 830-990-8101

Alice White, Ph.D.

Hello, cat lover! Please post onto your Facebook, etc.; e-share &/or print-&-distribute to your veterinarians, animal-food-supply stores, etc.:  four adoptable “Whetstone” cats / kittens from FBG Cinema / FBG Funeral Home territory:  playful little Boots & three potential “crew cats | → Keep reading

Take a Peak: Wild West Victorian Fest

Phil Houseal

I came face to face with steampunk for the first time in 2010. Literally. It happened during my tenure as director of Club Ed community education program. As a marketing hook, I would adopt various personas to make my catalogs | → Keep reading

John Willome: Why do charities ring so MUCH in December?!?

end of year giving christmas

Do you ever get tired of incessant bells in parking lots and fundraising letters this time of year? I’m sure you do. I do too. But you know why it happens, right? Because, for whatever reason, this is the time | → Keep reading

Outdoor shower runs counter to everything you think, and it’s Awesome

outdoor shower phil houseal fredericksburg texas
Phil Houseal

Have you ever taken an outdoor shower? Not been in a rain shower. But taken an actual shower. Why not? There is no personal pampering experience more sublime than standing bare under God’s firmament, relishing the cool freshets of pure | → Keep reading

Nicole Bartel: 5 Tips to Sell Your House During the Winter

house sales fredericksburg texas real estate nicole bartel
Nicole Bartel

Selling your home during the winter months can be a daunting task. The holiday season is already a hectic time of year and selling a house can be stressful. However, there are distinct advantages to selling your home at this | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: Christmas All Year Long

Christmas sally clark fredericksburg
Sally Clark

I will remember Christmas in my heart the whole year long and try to stay one step ahead as the year proceeds along. Before the New Year’s baby crawls, busy crowds I will prevail to purchase next year’s Christmas cards | → Keep reading

Michael Martin Murphey to turn ‘Wildfire’ into a Movie

Phil Houseal

For Michael Martin Murphey, changing up his Cowboy Christmas Show would be “like coming to town and not singing Wildfire.” “The audience would kill us if we changed it,” said the American music legend during an interview about his Dec | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: My Santa Claus

sally clark husband santa claus fredericksburg texas
Sally Clark

My husband is my Santa Claus; he decorates our house and lawn with lights and garland and tinsel bright; an exuberant celebration to herald the birth of Generosity and Grace. My husband is my Santa Claus; he loves to give, | → Keep reading

Own hunting land to lease? The law requires something of you.

Nicole Bartel

Own hunting land? Landowners who lease their private property for hunting in return for any type of compensation are required to obtain a hunting lease license from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). There are three types of licenses available: Hunting lease | → Keep reading

Dr. Alice White: Is dyslexia a burden or blessing?

Alice White, Ph.D.

  “You wouldn’t wish dyslexia on a child of yours, or would you?” -Malcolm Gladwell, David and Goliath Reading difficulties? — with your children, grandchildren, students, co-workers or you?! Attend a Dyslexia Conference in Kerrville, TX (south-central TX): Sat., Feb. | → Keep reading

Go alone to healthcare.gov, and you may not see a local doctor

john willhome health insurance local provider

I’ve had a lot of people in my office over the last few years who enrolled in the health insurance programs offered through Healthcare.gov. They did it on their own by logging on, finding the plan they wanted, and signing | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Nutcracker with a touch of Grinch

tap dancing fredericksburg phil houseal texas
Phil Houseal

Tis the season of nutcrackers, ballerinas, and dancing sugarplums, whatever those are. So of course Regan Mann of Fredericksburg Dance Company wanted to toss a little grinchiness into this sometimes syrupy season. Sure, her dancers will offer a Nutcracker Ballet. | → Keep reading

“Buyer Motivation!” (Reason to House Sell During the Holidays)

real estate holidays hill country fredericksburg tx
Nicole Bartel

The holidays have arrived and so has the time of year when home sellers wonder whether they should keep their properties on the market or take them off. If owners haven’t listed their home yet, they may be asking themselves | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poetry: Where’s My Hug?

where's my hug sally clark fredericksburg texas
Sally Clark

Where could the hug be? Join the hunt in this playful lift-the-flap book. Bright illustrations and simple text will keep children engaged in the search. The sweet conclusion will delight little ones and inspire hugs! Watch Video: Author Sally Clark | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Why the thrills matter more with age

geroge w bush phil houseal fredericksburg tx thumb
Phil Houseal

Engagement with age: As the holidays bring their predictable menus of comfort food, dispensed in your family tradition, I started thinking about how as we grow older we tend to seek out stronger flavors. The pungency of goat cheese and | → Keep reading

Nicole Bartel: Why First-time Home Buyers are sidelined

first home home buyers nicole bartel fredericksburg hill country
Nicole Bartel

The National Association of Realtors’ 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers shows despite strong interest in owning a home, a continued drought in housing supply has led to price growth over the past year — keeping many first-time home buyers | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: Fruits of the Spirit – Apple Goodness

apples sally clark fredericksburg
Sally Clark

    Apples require some cold weather, some fortitude to scale their branches, sink strong teeth into these honest fruits of integrity, savoring the reward that determined goodness brings.               Author’s Notes: This poem | → Keep reading

‘I feel lost, depressed. Lord, help me.’

crisis good samaritan fredericksburg john willome

The seven words in the title of this post were all that was left on an anonymously-written prayer request at the Good Samaritan Center in early November. We are a Christian faith-based charitable medical/dental/mental health counseling clinic for those who | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Bystander at the Birth of eSports

walter day fredericksburg tx
Phil Houseal

I was at Ground Zero for the birth of eSports, and didn’t realize it. The year was 1982. The location was Ottumwa, Iowa. More specifically, it was inside a storefront video game arcade called Twin Galaxies. After a challenging day | → Keep reading

Dr. Alice White: “Yes!” to Life!

alice white fredericksburg tx featured
Alice White, Ph.D.

From “The Universe Talks” & TheUniverse@TUT.com: ‘Have you ever met a blade of grass that didn’t emphatically say, “Yes!” to even the soles of your feet? It’s the same with all the other elements. You just have to show up.‘ –The | → Keep reading

What are your Website clicks for GOOD?

Alice White, Ph.D.

What are your Website clicks for GOOD? Please let me know: Alice.White@TTU.edu Here are my favorite, daily clicks:” www. www. www.FreeRice.com

Nicole Bartel: 4 House Seeking Tips When Entertainment is Key

entertainment realtor tx nicole bartel central hill country board
Nicole Bartel

Do you dream of hosting the perfect family Thanksgiving celebration? Is it your fantasy to throw a New Year’s party that all of your friends remember? If you are currently house hunting, your entertainment thoughts are things you should let | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: Unattended

unattended sally clark fredericksburg tx poetry
Sally Clark

Fredericksburg Poetry of Sally Clark Unattended   I love to write at dusk, that time of the day when the shift is changing, the sun is clocking out and the moon is running late and for just a little while | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Radney Foster shares secret to his work

radney foster fredericksburg texas
Phil Houseal

Radney Foster: “I like being a storyteller.” Honestly, I didn’t know much about singer/songwriter Radney Foster before interviewing him. But when those were the first words out of his mouth, I knew I was meeting a kindred spirit. Foster–who will | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: Summer Fruit

poetry pick fruit sex fruitful sally clark fredericksburg tx passion summer winter
Sally Clark

Fredericksburg Poetry of Sally Clark Summer Fruit We pick blackberries, dark and sweet, from between the spiny branches of a saw-leafed bush, his hand and mine stained and dripping, bending together in the summer sun; baskets on our arms, we | → Keep reading

Nicole Bartel: Pass proposition 2, get a small loan, make the dream real

proposition 2 prop nicole fredericksburg tx
Nicole Bartel

Texas does things a little different than most states, especially when it comes to private-property rights. For example, we have strict consumer protections related to home equity lending which are so important to Texans that voters added them to the | → Keep reading

Cow's in the Corn
The Cow's in the Corn video poster.

Pioneer Museum

Learn of the skills and grit settlers showed when founding Fredericksburg, and how they survived the early years to go on and become the stand out agricultural and tourism leader it is today.

Dr. Alice White: You’re effortlessly taking the ride of your life!

life speed space ride alice white fredericksburg texas
Alice White, Ph.D.

Ah, the adventure we’re part of! Here, below, is a thrilling way to put your life into perspective… Would you like to be on a fast moving spaceship?  You are!  You’re effortlessly taking the ride of your life! If you stand on | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Still not hip

phil houseal high school framed fredericksburg tx 4
Phil Houseal

I attended my high school class reunion this past weekend, and as I reentered the shifting sands of adolescent memory, I confirmed I am still not, never was, and never will be hip. The concept of hipness is one of | → Keep reading

Nicole Bartel: Haunted house sales in Fredericksburg and elsewhere

How to Sell a Haunted House
Nicole Bartel

Every house has a history, but what if the house you’re trying to sell has a history that is a bit more…ghoulish than most? If you or your community believes a house is haunted, it can make selling a bit | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: Secrets

sally clark fredericksburg poetry secrets aging love tx 3
Sally Clark

Fredericksburg Poetry of Sally Clark Secrets Secretly, I collect the words he speaks to me, hiding them away in small journals, on random scraps of paper that attract no attention, masking them as shopping lists tucked into forgotten pockets of | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Coins + 11 other things to go obsolete

obsolete piggy bank clock stick shift phil houseal fredericksburg tx
Phil Houseal

As my granddaughter dropped scavenged coins into her piggy bank, I realized I am seeing the last generation that will use this method of saving. Coins are obsolete. I hate to calculate the time spent first as a student, then as | → Keep reading

Nicole Bartel: Four Common Mis-Steps Before Buying a House

financial mistakes loan buy house nicole bartel hill country fredericksburg
Nicole Bartel

Take care of your credit when applying for a home loan: The financial decisions you make before you make an offer could negatively impact your ability to purchase your dream home. You cannot keep any secrets from your lender, so | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: Old Sheets

old sheets sally clark fredericksburg tx poetry
Sally Clark

  The old sheets have worn to comfort with the years, smooth where they used to be rough, tattered in places where arguments were the most heated; now they are an aged, familiar skin to be climbed into, freckles and | → Keep reading

Tammy Pack: “So, how is the Fredericksburg market?”

Tammy Pack Absolute Charm Fredericksburg Texas 4 market
Tammy Pack

So, how is the market? A question that I get almost everyday! The answer is, great for well priced properties. Tag along with me this afternoon as we talk a little bit about Fredericksburg’s market.  

Phil Houseal: Threads that bind

sally clark fredericksburg poetry secrets aging love tx 3
Phil Houseal

Why are clothes so uncomfortable? I was coming home from a board meeting and thinking how I couldn’t wait to get out of my belt, button-down, and boots. It struck me–what is this insanity, that in order to be perceived | → Keep reading

Dr. Alice White: Choose your Menu for an Ideal Financial Feast!

menu financial feast alice white fredericksburg
Alice White, Ph.D.

Choose your Menu for an Ideal Financial Feast & a Fulfilling Life of Generosity      www.BetterInvesting.org * This series of ideas is one lay-person’s perspective & not intended as professional, financial, accounting or investment advice. This perspective is offered | → Keep reading

Nicole Bartel: Seven tips to protect your home for sale

home security fredericksburg texas real estate
Nicole Bartel

Think home security before a theft attempt. Follow these recommendations to keep your home safe, especially if it is listed for sale: 1) Lock your doors: Although this sounds basic, it is your first defense against unwanted intruders. Living in | → Keep reading

Mike Starks: Fredericksburg TX Real Estate (3Q, 2017)

3rd Quarter Fredericksburg TX Real Estate Market Report
Mike Starks

2017 is shaping up to be another great year for Real Estate in Gillespie County! 3rd Quarter 2017 Total dollars sold for 3rd Quarter 2017 is up 7.5 over 2016 2017 $ 62,696,709.00 2016 $57,999,814.00 YTD total dollars sold is | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: It Must ‘a Been a Full Moon

Cinderella sally clark fredericksburg tx
Sally Clark

after Cinderella…  A frog and a toad hop into a tavern where the evening fun has just begun and the humans have all gone home leaving jostles of beer and puddles of ale on the floor and one talkative rat, | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Tejas Rodeo

Tejas rodeo phil houseal fredericksburg texas
Phil Houseal

When we first moved to the Hill Country, there was a small rodeo arena on Hwy 16 south of Fredericksburg. I remember pulling in with the kids and letting them experience the dust, grit, and bellowing of bulls, broncs, and | → Keep reading

Nicole Bartel: Prop 2 is Good for Texans, even Fredericksburg Texans

prop 2 house equity fredericksburg Nicole Bartel
Nicole Bartel

The laws related to home equity lending in Texas have been in the state constitution since voters approved them 20 years ago. On November 7, Texas voters have the opportunity to update them and give more homeowners access to the | → Keep reading

Sally Clark Poem: October

pumpkin fredericksburg texas sally clark poetry poem
Sally Clark

  October is the round month, the cool, harvest moon month, the golden-yellow foliage month, the spooky ghosts and goblins month, the orange and brown and ochre month, the hooting owls on fence posts month, the foggy woods and bales | → Keep reading

the Universe: one living being

Alice White, Ph.D.

Constantly regard the universe as one living being, having one substance and one soul; and observe how all things have reference to one perception, the perception of this one living being; and how all things act with one movement; and | → Keep reading

Karen Pooser: “Why check the oil? After all, I have an OiL LIFE Monitor!”

car teenager fredericksburg tx karen pooser oil check
Karen Pooser

Years ago, when many of us were growing up, we saw our Dads checking the engine oil on Saturday mornings before taking the car or truck out for errands. Later, we were instructed to regularly check the oil level for | → Keep reading

The story behind and the dangers in building Hill Country rock fences
1800s Rock Fences in Fredericksburg video poster.

Harvey Recovery: Texas Realtors still helping

texas harvey flooding fredericksburg realtors
Nicole Bartel

As of mid-September, nearly 200,000 homes in Southeast Texas were damaged or destroyed after Hurricane Harvey hit land in August. Homeowners and renters affected by this massive disaster are facing a long road to recovery, and REALTORS® are helping. REALTORS® have | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Classical Music… How To Listen

Listening phil houseal fredericksburg tx
Phil Houseal

How do you listen to a classical music performance? Is there a right or a wrong way? I thought about this while I attended the spring concert of Camerata San Antonio, a classical music ensemble. I was there to take | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: haiku, “my cowboy”

tractor hay haiku fredericksburg tx 4
Sally Clark

    my cowboy saddles up his tractor, rides the range corralling hay     Author’s Notes: haiku is a very brief Japanese poetry form. Traditional haiku follows the pattern of 5 syllables on the first line, 7 syllables on | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Rockbox, Gatlin Style

larry gatlin phil houseal fredericksburg texas
Phil Houseal

The first time I heard about Fredericksburg’s Rockbox Theater in 2005, I confess I did not grasp the concept. I had no idea how a community would receive a permanent music venue, offering a new show every week, year round. | → Keep reading

Mike Starks: Fredericksburg land, ranch prices are on the rise

ranch land fredericksburg tx mike starks 2
Mike Starks

Fredericksburg Texas Land and Ranch Prices are on the rise Land as an Investment Everyone knows that the Fredericksburg Texas housing market has been hot but a lot of folks have been asking me what about ranch and land sales | → Keep reading

Residential Real Estate Market Update

fredericksburg residential sales data
Nicole Bartel

Want to know the latest residential real estate market trends? Check out the residential sales data from the Central Hill Country Board of REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for this year. Although median home price remains high for the first | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: Fall

Fall Fredericksburg Texas Sally Clark
Sally Clark

Tenuously, the shaking tree holds fast her leafy dignity, avoiding exposure as long as she can; reluctantly discarding yellowing garments long past their lush, green youth. Time strips her in stages of rush and release as browning memories crowd her | → Keep reading

Dr. Alice White: My favorite Website clicks for GOOD

top web stites fredericksburg texas alice white
Alice White, Ph.D.

My favorite Websites to click daily … for GOOD! www.FreeKibble.com  Automatically donate pet food whenever you take informative quizzes on both, color-coded dog & cat portals. www.AnimalRescueSite.com  Pay for food & care for some of the 8M companion animals relinquished | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Janie Fricke, the Reluctant Superstar

Phil Houseal

It’s boggling to think that the difference between being a backup singer and becoming a country music superstar was one lyric in one song. Yet seven words pulled one Nashville studio musician out of the backline and into the spotlight. | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: Prayer in Public Schools

Sally Clark

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5  NIV The holiest place to be in gym class is here at the end of the line where prayers are fervent for the bell to ring early, allowing | → Keep reading

Nicole Bartel: Hurricane Harvey, Helping from Fredericksburg

Hurricane Harvey devastation Fredericksburg Texas2
Nicole Bartel

Our neighbors along the Gulf Coast need your assistance in rebuilding their homes and their lives. The Texas Association of REALTORS® Disaster Relief Fund was created to do just that. The Relief Fund helps people who have suffered losses due | → Keep reading

Robert Deming: Graffiti in Fredericksburg?

Austin Graffiti Park

This graffiti is not in Fredericksburg, it is in the Austin Graffiti Park. Although the owners require graffiti artists to have a permit, few do.   In this example, a teenager spray painted his name over this interesting bit of | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: When It’s Bluebonnet Time Down in Texas

Bluebonnet Time Fredericksburg texas phil houseal
Phil Houseal

If things had turned out a bit differently, today’s school children might be singing a song written by a Hill Country resident in place of Texas, Our Texas. Fredericksburg’s “almost famous” songwriter was Louise Forres Enderle. Her song was When | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: Roadrunner

Sally Clark

  Rock-hunter, shade-stalker, Shadow-racing, scissor-walker. Race and chase, lurk and leap, All that slithers, crawls, or creeps Through cactus-rounded dry-bed creeks Are targeted by pincer beaks. Sand-streaking, dust and sun, This cuckoo bird would rather run. Authors Notes: ?Roadrunner? has | → Keep reading

Dr. Alice White: Survival, thriving and prospering after Hurricane Harvey

Alice White, Ph.D.

Thank you for helping others survive, thrive, prosper & live abundantly after Hurricane Harvey! Please send me your favorite Websites & contact information about additional individuals & groups helping others to focus on inevitable abundance & prosperity after Harvey. DISASTER | → Keep reading

The stories you write

phil houseal fredericksburg tx
Phil Houseal

The four popular children’s books Phil critiques: Entering my third wave of reading to kids?first as a kindergarten teacher, then as a parent, now as a grandparent?I have firm opinions about children?s literature. When I choose a book to read | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: Fruits of the Spirit – Loving Pears

Sally Clark

  Round-bottomed, slender-necked, sun-browned skin, Bosque pears rock gently together in their shared bowl, soft-sweet fruit leaves a strong core to be planted and grown deep in good soil; a wholesome white-flowering harvest.     This poem appeared on my | → Keep reading

Fear of drowning

Phil Houseal Shower Fear of Water fredericksburg
Phil Houseal

This column will eventually be about my mom. But it starts with my first and worst phobia: fear of water. As a kid I was terrified of swimming. Looking back, this fear was not irrational. I grew up in Iowa, | → Keep reading

Sally Clark: The End of Summer Garden

Sally Clark

The End of Summer Garden (by Sally Clark) The end of summer garden is wrinkled with weeds, exhausted and fuzzy headed, with Bermuda grass crawling across overgrown paths and in between the rows where nothing more will grow; the harvest | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Tinkergarten is sweeping, simplifying childcare

tinkergarten phil houseal fredericksburg texas parenting 3
Phil Houseal

Go outside and get the stink blown off. Those loving words passed through my mama’s lips every time we kids got underfoot and on her nerves growing up. Turns out, although phrased more diplomatically, that advice might be the best | → Keep reading

Dr. Alice White: HOPE! What habits keep you optimistic & hopeful?

Hope happiness fredericksburg tx Alice White
Alice White, Ph.D.

Are you an optimistic, hopeful kind of person? (by Alice White) If so, then I would appreciate knowing about your daily routines — your habits to keep yourself hopeful. My daily routines to cultivate hope: An inspiring, personal prayer-for-each-day-of-the-week + | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Kick the bucket list

ocean phil houseal fredericksburg bucket list tx
Phil Houseal

  “The gentle reader will never, never know what a consummate ass he can become until he goes abroad.” Mark Twain, Innocents Abroad As another summer simmers down, many of us have been guilty of over sharing travel photos of | → Keep reading

The "Colored" Church, 3rd Edition: Railing by Suraiya "Sue" Howerter
The Colored Church 3rd Edition: Railing video poster.

Sally Clark poem: Ice Cream

Sally Clark

Licking ice cream (by Sally Clark) Licking ice cream, summer passes in long, slow licks, then drips down the cone. Hurry ? eat it fast. Summer is gone before you know.     Author?s Notes: Blooming Tree Press was a | → Keep reading

Sally Clark poem: Homesteading in Paradise

glass jars Fredericksburg
Sally Clark

The season’s tomatoes picked, red, ripe, and heavy as breasts, die kinder beg to swim in the shallow creek behind the house while the August sun bakes their immigrant farm. But Muti knows danger slithers in narrow eyes and angry | → Keep reading

Dr. Alice White: My Hand-picked Cues of Happiness

Alice White Happiness Fredericksburg2
Alice White, Ph.D.

Dr. Alice White: Help yourself to abundant resources that may fulfill your Highest calling LivingCompassion.org Discover Positive Quotes: AttitudeMedia.com “Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God.” –by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. There ARE happy people out | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Game of Whistles

wanek whistle referee phil houseal fredericksburg tx
Phil Houseal

Game of Whistles (That inconspicuous whistle is a powerful piece of equipment for Basketball Referee Jeff Wanek) When it comes to using his whistle, Jeffrey Wanek would rather overblow than not. Wanek is a basketball referee. The Fredericksburg High School | → Keep reading

Phil Houseal: Aunt Betty’s book

Sacketts Phil Houseal Fredericksburg 2
Phil Houseal

It took me 40 years to take Aunt Betty’s advice. Back when I was a know-it-all college student, I stayed overnight at my Grandma Cupp’s house. Aunt Betty happened to be there, and we were enjoying one of those rare | → Keep reading