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Fredericksburg, Texas is a town of people who take great pride in their heritage, town cleanliness and community — all nestled in the center of the Texas Hill Country. German traditions, handed down for generations, are celebrated through the preservation of 100-year-old buildings, festivals held in the center of town and a spirit of volunteerism.

Good ol’ German determination keep values in check. Case in point, city ordinances call for limited Main Street sign height, and chain stores are rarely welcomed. The result is a town unique from other destinations. In addition to the old town charm, wineries have put down roots in and near Fredericksburg, and folks come from far and wide to taste and enjoy a wide array of delicious wines. With hundreds of bed and breakfasts, as well as great hotels and motels, Fredericksburg has attracted world-wide visitors, and on any given weekend or holiday, Fredericksburg, Texas is a bustling Hill Country town.

ifollowfredericksburg.com™, LLC Genesis: TroyPresident and Executive Producer Troy L. Sifford was born and raised in Fredericksburg as a 6th generation Fredericksburgian and holds a degree in journalism and minor in marketing from TAMU. Now, with 20+ years of public relations and marketing under his belt, Troy is assisting Fredericksburg organizations and bloggers share in a collective way and connecting them to fans who wish to follow.

In the patent-pending panoramic streetscape, ifollowfredericksburg.com bridges reality with an on-line experience. Click on a business storefront, and Facebook posts serve news items to see and buy. Through the posted videos, followers have the opportunity to discover the personality and passion of merchants they love.

Troy resides in Fredericksburg with his wife Julie and their three children.

He credits great help in getting the site off the ground, particularly that of Photo Artist Robyn Burnett, whose tireless efforts were instrumental in photo editing the virtual streetscape.

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Troy Sifford

Troy Sifford

Troy curates expertise and entertainment from Fredericksburg Author Members via ifollowfredericksburg.com, as well as produces videos for businesses, non-profit organizations and events throughout the Texas Hill Country.
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