Fischer & Wieser on Main

A map of the location of Fischer & Wieser on Main315 E. Main Street830-990-8490

The Fischer & Wieser on Main store is a window into an international gourmet food company that began in Fredericksburg as a roadside peach stand, known as Das Peach Haus. While it has grown from its original footprint, Das Peach Haus can still be found south on Hwy. 87 from Main Street... about a mile on the right. Both Fischer & Wieser on Main and Das Peach Haus are popular for tasting a wide array of jams, jellies, sauces, mustards, pie fillings, soups and pasta sauces -- all made at the company's local now-much-larger cooking venue off Lincoln Street. Das Peach Haus is worth venturing off Main for its wine-and-food pairings, picturesque views amid century old pine trees, and if during a peach-bearing summer, juicy fruit to savor.