How did you take pictures of Main Street with so few cars on the street? 

Believe it or not, people are not always shopping Main Street, and the trick is catching the

popular street at an off time… when there’s good lighting.


I’m a Fredericksburg, Texas business. How do I get involved?

Email us at info@ifollowfredericksburg.com


Why does ifollowfredericksburg.com only cover five blocks of Main Street? 

They are considered by many to be the five marquee shopping blocks on Main Street.

We’re open to expanding, though. Email if you think we should.


How are videos generated? Content is filmed and edited

to present interesting, authentic stories.

Email info@ifollowfredericksburg.com for us to produce videos for you.

Troy Sifford

Troy Sifford

Troy curates expertise and entertainment from Fredericksburg Author Members via ifollowfredericksburg.com, as well as produces videos for businesses, non-profit organizations and events throughout the Texas Hill Country.
Troy Sifford

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