Fredericksburg, TX is a historical town, made of many meticulously preserved houses and homesteads. The 1980s ushered in a new concept of bed and breakfasts (B & Bs), and no where did this concept take greater root than in and around Fredericksburg with our old homes and Sunday Houses. The B & B, or just “guest house,” enables visitors to enjoy a more intrinsic experience of Fredericksburg life. It allows couples to escape to the far-reaches of the remote countryside and groups to enjoy private living rooms and grand Texas porches for congregation, later to retire to separate quarters.

Gastehaus Schmidt is a valued connection between the charming guest houses of Fredericksburg, TX and all the families, couples, bachelorette parties and girl-friend-getaways who visit our Hill Country destination. Owned and operated by Dan an Donna Mittel, Gastehaus Schmidt is a trusted Fredericksburg lodging service to people all over the world.

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