Main Street Wineries


This list marks the marriage of two great loves: Main Street + Wine. The payoff is shopping + wine OR art galleries + wine OR museums + wine OR foodies + wine.

Make the connections by just walking, store-to-store, block-by-block.

Water 2 Wine is a great place to know, run by Mike and Kathy Clay! Come in, taste a variety of wines and determine what you like the best. Then, mix your own batch to be fermented, and create your own custom label. You can start to see the gift possibilities in your life: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, milestones or a really cool, custom gift to someone who has everything.

Fredericksburg Winery is one of the first wineries in Texas and Fredericksburg. Begun by Vietnam Veteran Cord Switzer, it is run by him, his brother and their wives. Their wine is sensational and their location is convenient to visit, among Main Street art galleries and shops.

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