Privacy Statement

Share/Bookmark takes your privacy seriously. We do not collect personal information, with the following few exceptions:

  1. We may occasionally collect information, including Personally Identifiable Information, for troubleshooting or development purposes. This information will be kept for as long as is needed for troubleshooting or development, and may be utilized by third parties such as sub-contractors for troubleshooting or development processes.
  2. We offer opt-in E-mail notifications. In order to send E-mail notifications, certain Personally Identifiable Information, (including, but not limited to, the subscriber’s name and E-mail address), must be collected. This information may be shared with third party services for the purpose of sending notifications and managing subscriber lists. To further protect subscriber privacy, this information may be kept after a subscriber has chosen to no longer receive the notifications to prevent unwanted notifications from being sent.
  3. Our web servers log certain information about visitors including, but not limited to, a timestamp, IP address, hostname, and browser User-Agent of each request.
  4. Advertising is displayed on This advertising is served by various companies including, but not limited to, Google. Please see Google’s policy how they may use your data. Google features used on may include, but are not limited to, remarketing, interest categories, similar audiences, other types of interest-based advertising, demographic and location targeting. You may opt out of many Google advertising features by visiting Google’s Ads Settings page.
  5. Facebook Integration: integrates with Facebook for some of its functionality. If you use these features Facebook may collect some data about you. Please refer to Facebook’s Data Use Policy for specifics on what Facebook may collect and how they may use it.
  6. This privacy statement may be modified at any time by updating this document.
  7. This privacy statement was last updated December 15, 2014