Sleep 2 to 14 people, Agape Cottages in Fredericksburg TX

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Karen Richardson opens the door to Agape Cottages in Fredericksburg, TX.
Video Transcript:

Karen Richardson opens the door to Agape Cottages in Fredericksburg, TX

Now, a lot of people when they come to Fredericksburg, they don’t want to just stay in a hotel. They want some place that’s quaint and quiet, that has that charm and the comfort of getting away from the big city. Our front cottage which was built in 1936, sleeps up to 4 people. It’s a full house.
Then, we have another cottage that was converted into a 250 square foot cottage, and that’s what I call your old grandmother’s Cadillac garage, and that sleeps 2 people and has a kitchenette, a full bath, and then we have our back cottage, which sleeps up to eight, so which gives you a total of fourteen people that can stay on our property.
Well, the backhouse has a huge family living area, granite counter tops in the kitchen, full kitchen. It’s just an incredible gathering place for large groups. It has a huge front porch, so that way everybody, like I said, they’re all in one location. I’ve seen them play football in the yard, croquet.
Two of our cottages offer that full kitchen with a stove and refrigerator. So, if you want to cook and not have to eat out, you can do that as well. Oh, and we also have laundry facilities.
Other advantages to staying at our cottage is not only are we only one block away from Main Street, but we’re also a block away from the historic downtown Fredericksburg.

Don’t you also own a store on Main Street?

That is correct. We also own a store called Linens and More, and if you stay at our cottages you get 10 percent off. We have very nice linens. They’re very crisp. He wants me to say that. We have very crisp linens. And our sheets are fabulous! They really are!

My husband and I are very hands on when we take care of these cottages. We clean them, we maintain them. And I know that when they’re clean, I did it. They are clean, and they are done right.